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Cultivate Your French is a slow French podcast.


One Thing In A French Day is an all-in-French podcast released 3 times a week since 2006.

You love stories,

You love everyday life,

You love meeting people.

— Oui ?

This is what I share with you...

in French,

in both my podcasts!

One Thing In A French Day

& Cultivate Your French (slow French)

A bientôt,








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1831-Dans les forets couverture_7137















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1822-Deux peniches_6932



One Thing In a French Day

Where to listen to the podcast / Archives / Transcript / etc.

Slow French

Discover the Slow French podcast Cultivate Your French!

What progress to expect?


All the information about the transcripts, how to subscribe and how it works!

French Books

Intererested in buying the books Nathalie Iris talked about on the podcast?


One Thing in a French Day

Transport yourself to France

In this podcast I tell you about my everyday life here in Paris, but I also share with you nice encounters with friends or professionals (pâtissiers, booksellers, bakers, etc). 

♦︎ This is an "all-in-French" podcast! It's released 3 times a week (on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays). A typical podcast's length is 3 to 5 minutes.

♦︎ Use your ear

Use your ear to improve your language skills by listening to authentic French. Hear the rhythm of the spoken French in real context. My listeners tell me that it works so well for them!

♦︎ Short episodes

Short episodes will fit easily into even the busiest day.

An episode a day will help you maintain and build on your French language skills.

♦︎ Learn

Learn common everyday expressions and typical sentence structures. Expand your vocabulary.

♦︎ Stay connected to French when you cannot travel to France. 😊

Where to start

One Thing In A French Day is released 3 times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Where to listen to
One Thing In A French Day

Choose the best way for listening to the podcast!

The story behind the podcast

In episode 1823, I tell you about how, when and why I had the idea to launch this podcast in November 2006.

Read the text of this episode!

France Lockdown Spring 2020

France Lockdown started on March 16th 2020 and stopped on May 11th 2020. During this very strange period the podcast became a Journal de bord (Logbook) to share with you what was happening to my family and I. It was released almost everyday.

One Thing In A French Day Journal de bord starts with episode 1778 

Cultivate Your French (Slow French) Journal de bord starts with episode 14 


+ 1850 episodes are available to listen for FREE on my Podbean website. Podbean hosts the podcasts.


You can also buy archives files year by year on my Gumroad shop. 130 to 140 audio files downlable all together! You can choose either to buy the audio files only or to buy the audio files and the transcripts.

GUMROAD - vignettes archives OTH - 2017.
GUMROAD - vignettes archives OTH - 2018.
Gumroad-imagette-produit 2017.jpg

Slow French

Cultivate Your French is released every Wednesdays.

Where to listen to
Cultivate Your French
Things go smoothly

Cultivate Your French is a Slow French podcast.

  • A new episode is released each Wednesday.

  • This weekly episode is based on the one released that same day on One Thing In A French Day. It might be a little bit shorter though.

  • There is a small introduction in English that gives you the context of the episode.

  • First, I read the text slowly with clear articulation.

  • Then, I read the text at normal speed.


Cultivate Your French will help you improve your comprehension of the French language. You will quickly get used to the way I speak !

Sometimes, I challenge you : I'm not always the one speaking in the "normal speed" section of the podcast. It might be a guest.

Something to remember is that I created Cultivate Your French as the front door, the access room, to One Thing In A French Day.

Switch podcast as soon as you feel ready! It's the same universe in both my podcast : Paris, La France, Everyday Life, etc.

Those blog articles are a good introduction on how to improve your French with Cultivate Your French



CULTIVATE logo-144px.png

Cultivate Your French

1 episode / week

Receive the transcript, vocabulary notes and photos into your inbox every week.


One Thing In a French Day

Text only - 3 episodes/week

Receive the transcript into your inbox 3 times a week


One Thing In A French Day

Text + NOTES - 3 episodes/week

Receive the transcript + Cultural Notes + Useful expressions (+ Photos when there are some)

Get the transcripts in your inbox!


Reading the text of an episode is an effective way to improve your comprehension. You don't need to guess what is said.

And with the enhanced version, you get Photos, Cultural notes and examples of useful words or expressions 😊.

Cultivate Your French

Subscription starts with the next episode.

Your email address is added to the subscribers' list as soon as PayPal (or Gumroad) lets me know about your subscription.

I, Laetitia, personnaly send you a welcome email with the links to the  10 latest episodes!

The newsletter is sent by MailerLite newsletter service.

To unsubscribe, simply stop the payments on PayPal. 

I released 130/ 140 episodes per year in average since 2006. I usually release less episodes during holidays or if I'm sick 🙂.


Interviews are different episodes, there might be notes, but no "Tournures de phrases utiles". 


Examples of the newsletter
How to work
with the newsletter

Blog article coming soon!

One Thing In a French Day

Please, note this :

If you wish to subscribe with another means of payment, please go to my Gumroad shop :


French Books

Nathalie Iris

Nathalie Iris owns a bookshop in La Garenne-Colombes (close to where I live). Mots en marge. She loves to share her love for books.

We met during France Lockdown and she was happy to talk about books on the podcast. It was so nice to talk about books with her during that strange period, une bouffée d'air frais!

Most of the books Nathalie talked about are available as eBooks that you can buy directly from her bookshop!

How to buy eBooks from Nathalie.

Nathalie's books selection 2020

Testimonials 😊

Mary (USA)

One Thing in a French Day is unfailingly informative, educational, and entertaining—and also warm and personal.  You generously share your observations and  experiences, including pertinent (and often amusing) stories about your friends and family. 


Each episode has taught me something new.  I have learned about daily life in France, French geography, food, the education system, what’s happening in Paris, and so much more.  I’ve learned new vocabulary, phrases, and usages, & I know how how to pronounce them correctly from listening to you.


There is warmth and humor in your podcasts, and I am sure that many of your listeners enjoy, as I do, “watching” your daughters grow up. 

Your newsletter is a great learning tool that adds tremendous value to your podcast.  Further, the reliable continuation of your podcast is remarkable. 


Some podcasts fizzle out after a season or two, but not yours.  You have continued year after year, with enthusiasm.

Sophia (UK)

One thing in a French day is a great podcast. It has really helped my FRENCH. It’s a fun and interesting way to learn new words and familiar phrases.

Charlotte (UK)

Dear Laetitia,
I wanted to write and thank you for helping improve my spoken French.

Three girlfriends and I are on the ferry back to the UK having spent 3 days cycling on the Cherbourg Peninsula.  We've had an amazing time and couldn’t believe how tranquil and beautiful the countryside is.  

It was my first trip to France since listening to your podcasts and I was delighted (and quite surprised myself) how more confident I was at speaking French.  I’ve never been one to keep quiet in France, having lived there in my early 20's and loving all things French, but it was quite a revelation!

Thank you so much, they are enormous fun to listen to and help to keep the french side of my brain in good working order!

Eleanor (Australia)

I derive great pleasure from listening to your slices of daily life. It is an enjoyable way of improving French language skills, in particular being able to “hear” and understand the spoken word of everyday communication. The available accompanying text certainly enhances the learning experience as well. The very varied subject matter maintains my interest and teaches much about aspects of French family life, culture & heritage, city and country. Un grand merci à vous!

Will (USA / Italy)

The French Day podcast is super cool.


It's like getting a slice of daily life in France delivered to your door. The episodes are short and manageable and Laetitia's anecdotes are always colorful and amusing.

I find that I end up learning French the way a small child does, by hearing it spoken and intuitively putting together the puzzle of verbs and vocabulary.


I highly recommend it!

Deborah (New Zeland)

J’adore ce podcast, c’est un rayon de soleil dans ma journée qui me fait du bien. Quand j’ai commencé à l’écouter je ne pouvais pas comprendre même l’introduction mais maintenant je comprends presque tout. Merci beaucoup Laetitia!

I highly recommend it!

Halle (UK)

I listen to the podcasts " One thing in a French Day" in order to keep up to date with spoken French. It is far more enjoyable than studying from a textbook and I find the 'Trois tournures de phrases utiles' super useful!

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